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When is a website just a website? Never.

We work with companies that want their websites to be lead generation machines working for them round the clock.

Use the calendar below to book a complimentary 15min Introductory Discovery Session – We would love to hear what you do, how your business helps the World and if we can potentially assist – or at the least give you some free advice!


Web design and development

Your website is where people end up after they Google you. It’s what they look at after you give them your business card, send them an email or a client recommends you.

How many times have you seen a company’s website before you’ve met or talked to anyone there?

When your site is the first impression you make on a potential customer, you need it to shine.

  1. We’ll talk strategy with you. Every project starts with a comprehensive discovery session about your business, industry, history, customers and goals.
  2. We don’t build anything until we know who we’re building for and why.

This is how we give our clients websites that work for their business every time.

“Dogulin Digital go above and beyond! Not only is their work professional and to the highest standards, but they also give sound and encouraging advice.”
— Collette Martin, Life in Eden

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Now you have a website that’s ready to deliver on your business strategy; you need more visitors so you can turn them into customers. Maybe Google hasn’t found you yet, or your competitors have high ranking site siphoning off traffic that could be yours.

This is where our SEO expertise comes in.

  1. We take your brief on your ideal client
  2. We tailor acquisition strategies to bring them into your site via Google
  3. You watch it all happen on our world-class dashboard

There’s no smoke and mirrors with Dogulin Digital: our work is transparent, and you’re right there with us. The magic is just your great business working with our expertise at finding the right customers online.

Pay-per-click advertising, optimisation and management

SEO is the long game, carefully positioning yourself to mature into ever-higher Google rankings. When you need traffic immediately, you need to buy it with pay-per-click advertising (e.g. Google Adwords).

We know how to create paid-traffic strategies that will bring in ideal customers, either working with your SEO strategy or as a standalone campaign.

“The team at Dogulin is always helpful and friendly. Their knowledge is impressive, and they’re always willing to share it. I happily recommend Dogulin Digital.”
— Alison Sutton, Danette, Sydney

Social media management and optimisation

If your customers expect interaction in social media, we can show you how to build a following and optimise it to achieve your business goals. It’s about being authentic, staying relevant, being active, choosing the right social networks and using them well.

It’s easy to figure out why to do social media but the how can be overwhelming unless you do it for a living, which we do.

Also, a well-made social media presence helps with your Google ranking, so social is getting harder to ignore if you want traffic from Google—especially if your competitors are doing it well.


Website, social media, search engine optimisation, online advertising… Each of these comes with a thousand questions and uncertainties. Every day we see businesses that are doing nothing because they’re paralysed by confusion.

That’s okay as long as your competitors are paralysed too, but at some point, you’re going to have to jump in. If you’re not sure where to start or how to take what you’re doing to the next level, we’re here to give advice and act as a knowledgeable sounding board.

“I have felt patiently guided in my learning of the whole world SEO and digital marketing.” — Heather Clarke, owner, Central Glass and Aluminium, Gold Coast