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Social Media Marketing: Are Teens Really Leaving Facebook?

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Are teens really leaving Facebook? It's not quite that simple.

Are teens really leaving Facebook? It’s not quite that simple.

Social Media Marketing: Are Teens Really Leaving Facebook?

Teens often play a key role in businesses’ social media marketing strategies. They were one of the first types of consumers to incorporate social media into their daily lives and are still active on social platforms today.

But a recent Bloomberg article, like several other articles, have done in previous years, states that teen activity is decreasing on Facebook. According to the article, teens are leaving Facebook and migrating to messaging apps like Snapchat.

Now, this would have a huge implication for social media marketing if it were true. But it seems like every year a new report comes out saying that teens are deleting their Facebook accounts. Zuckerberg’s response has been consistent in saying that Facebook has simply maxed out its potential in this specific demographic.

At first, that seemed like a cover up for the flight of a crucial demographic, but now it’s starting to look like he’s right. A recent report conducted by Niche shows that Facebook is still by far the most popular social media website among teens. Here are a few results released in the report:

  • 87% of teens still use Facebook
  • 45% of teens don’t use Twitter
  • 92% of teens don’t use LinkedIn

The report also states that the majority of teens use Facebook at least once per day. So should we really believe that companies should start concentrating less on Facebook and more on messaging apps?

Probably not. A major obstacle to apps like Snapchat and Whisper is that many companies haven’t figured out how to market successfully on them yet. There may be potential there in the future, but that’s not a sure thing as of yet.

Facebook, on the other hand, is a sure way businesses can increase their brand visibility, interact with followers, and provide a local listing for their target audience. It may not be the most effective component of social media marketing, but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

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