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Get More Patients With SEO for Dentists

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Eighty percent of people don't bother going past the first page of search results -- which means if you're not on that page, you could have a lot of empty chairs.

Eighty percent of people don’t bother going past the first page of search results — which means if you’re not on that page, you could have a lot of empty chairs.

Get More Patients With SEO for Dentists

Search engine optimisation for dentists is an important factor in getting more patients. But why would dentists need to know anything about this? Well, future patients who are looking for a dentist in their area are going to do a Google search and the first page matters most. If you work at a dental office or own a website for a dental office, does your site rank on the first page? If so that’s fantastic, but keep checking because the rankings change depending on new content, link building, and other factors we’ll discuss. If your page doesn’t rank on the first page, please pay attention.

Statistics show that 80% of internet users do not make it to the second page on search engines. Search engine optimisation is optimising your website to rank on the first page of search engines. Think of a mother who is looking for a dental office in her area – she isn’t quite sure who accepts her dental insurance, she doesn’t know which dental office has good reviews, and she doesn’t have the time to visit each one to see which one she’s comfortable with. She goes online, looks for dental offices in her area, and visits a few websites from the first page of Google, and she has found her answers without having to search any further.

To help rank your website, you will need keywords on your website. Each time you have unique content on your site and meta tags, you help search bots crawl your site and rank your website in search engines.

Another factor is link building. Posting your link to different social media sites is an effective way to reach new patients and rank better in search engines, however, some social media sites are more effective than others.

Hire an awesome web designer. When people come to your page, it should be user-friendly, easy to navigate and find answers, and include the basics such as a search box, contact page, and site index to find information that may not be  instantly visible to a viewer. Your website can have pictures, updates, and any special prices that you have available.

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