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3 Ways to Use Twitter to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing

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If you turn on a television set, you can find hashtags and Twitter handles on almost every channel and show. Twitter provides an enormous opportunity for businesses to market and interact in real time with their potential client base. We will discuss:

3 ways to get the most out of Twitter:

SHARE VALUABLE CONTENT People like to give their money to businesses that they trust.  In order to gain trust, a business (or an entrepreneur) must establish themselves as an authority figure on the subject that they are selling.  And in order to establish themselves as an authority figure on the subject that they are selling, that business must share its expertise to as many people as possible as often as possible. (The ease in which content can now be delivered to consumers around the world explains, moreover, why the internet is one of the single most revolutionary business tools in the history of business.) For example, in the case of a law firm, sharing valuable content may include posting links to frequently asked questions regarding the specific type of law that the firm practices.  Or sharing tutorial videos on what to do when in a car accident, for example.  Or linking to case studies of former firm victories.  Or a podcast interviewing former clients.  The content doesn’t always have to be original either.  The law firm’s Twitter account can share articles posted by trade magazines, or links to well-read law blogs, or mp3 downloads of existing law podcasts. The key is for the firm to establish itself as an authority figure in the eye of consumers so that when a consumer does, in fact, find themselves in need of legal services, they know exactly who to turn to. GIVE AWAY FREE SERVICES Many common businesses are a dime-a-dozen.  Continuing with our example, the legal field is a saturated market, as is almost every other industry in existence today.  Sharing valuable content is one way to differentiate oneself; however, it most likely won’t be enough.  Through its twitter account, a law firm can also offer to give away free services.  Not all the time and not to everyone, but if it’s done effectively (create a contest around it?), giving away free services can be a great way to generate interest, and more importantly generate conversation, involving that firm. BUILD YOUR BRAND By sharing valuable content and giving away free services are both ways of accomplishing the ultimate end-goal of every business when using social media – building one’s brand.  One can’t be a business without a paying customer, and a business can’t attract a paying customer if the customer doesn’t know that that business exists.  Building one’s brand through social media is a free (almost always) and easy (relatively) way to let the consumer know that you’re out there.

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