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3 Tips To Avoid Common Content Marketing Mistakes

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You can learn from your own mistakes, or the mistakes of others who've made them before you.

You can learn from your own mistakes or the mistakes of others who’ve made them before you.

3 Tips To Avoid Common Content Marketing Mistakes

Although content marketing is rather straightforward, many businesses are still adjusting to it. Based on some of the most common mistakes we’ve seen in regard to content marketing. Here are some tips to help you with your strategy:

Create content for people

There’s a big debate now concerning whether you should write content for people or for search engines. The correct answer is always to write for people.

First of all, writing for search engines doesn’t really make sense anymore. Google wants to see quality content more than anything else, and just spamming your keyword won’t help you in that respect. Creating great content that offers people value, however, will help you get in Google’s good graces.

Don’t spam people with your content

Some businesses offer free ebooks in exchange for email addresses. This isn’t necessarily bad unless you immediately start sending promotional emails to subscribers.

This is a sure-fire way to get labeled as spam. According to a recent Marketing Land article, you should never just assume that it’s safe to send someone marketing emails since they downloaded your ebook:

“Just because they downloaded your e-book doesn’t mean they want to get a call or email from your sales team. They are not a high-quality lead until the very end of the process. So you are doing a double disservice by gating: minimising the adoption of and spread of your content, and feeding your sales team poor-quality unqualified “suspects” instead of really eager and excited prospects.”

Add a call-to-action (CTA) in your content

A crucial aspect of content creation is generating leads. We recommend adding a couple of CTAs in your content to improve your chances in that regard. They don’t need to sound promotional, they just need to offer readers a convenient click to your Contact Us page.

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