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3 Ideas for Improving Your Social Media Content Strategy

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You know you should post regularly, but how can you get more people to read and share your content?

You know you should post regularly, but how can you get more people to read and share your content?

3 Ideas for Improving Your Social Media Content Strategy

Every business knows, or should know, the importance of using social media as a marketing tool. Where many struggles, however, is in their social media content strategy. They mistakenly believe that all they need to do is post regularly. But for social media marketing to be effective, posts have to be read and shared. Here are 3 diverse ideas that will improve your social media marketing.

Leverage emotion

It’s fairly common knowledge that people buy on emotion, and justify their purchase with logic. If you want people to “buy” your social media content, you should use emotional words. This is particularly important in social media because you have a limited number of words to use before you’re cut off – either by the reader or the site.

Don’t know what words to use? Here’s a list of words that you can use as a starting point. Then, to expand the list of possibilities even further, take a word from that list to a thesaurus and watch the world of words unfold before your eyes. Of course, care should be taken to not get carried away and overdo it with the emotional words.

Use images

Your social media fans and followers are 44% more likely to engage in social media posts that contain pictures, according to Social Media Examiner.

It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words. But, continuing with the idea of using emotion, a picture is also worth at least one good emotional response. The pictures that elicit the most powerful emotional responses are those of people. People are drawn to such pictures and can easily identify with the person in the picture. The emotion that’s evident in their eyes, faces and body language unavoidably passes on to the viewer.

Link to relevant blog posts

Do you think all of your social media content has to be original? Well, it doesn’t. Whatever your industry, there are undoubtedly lots of blogs that contain well written, relevant content that your fans and followers would find useful. Certainly, you follow some of these blogs yourself.

When you come across a post that might be of interest to your fans and followers, share it. When you do, include a brief comment of your own take on the post. Of course, you should also share links to new posts appearing on your own blog.

When you put these ideas in place, your friends and followers will appreciate and look forward to seeing every new item you post, and they’ll share a good portion of them as well. And that’s the point, isn’t it?

By improving your social media content strategy, you’ll maximize the reach and effectiveness of your social media marketing.

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