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A different kind of SEO and website company

We build websites and persuade Google to show your website higher up the search results so that more of your ideal customers click through to it.

It’s simple to explain and hard to do.

That’s why you need an expert, but maybe you’ve been burned before. You’ve dealt with someone who made outlandish promises, baffled you with bullshit and delivered less.

So why trust us?

  1. We’re educators — if you’re confused, we haven’t done our job (not the other way round)
  2. We’re here — call us or come to see us (we’re in the Sydney CBD)
  3. We’re full service — it’s a waste of money to get Google to send traffic to an unconvincing website. We’ll send you traffic and make sure it converts.

“The team has been there all along, like an extension of our organisation. I can’t recommend their expertise highly enough.”
— Heather Clarke, Central Glass and Aluminium, Gold Coast, Australia

Who we are

Dogulin Digital was founded by Nick Dogulin in 2012 to help businesses who needed a local agency they could trust to help them use Google, social media and the web to bring in more customers.

Team Leads

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." --Phil Jackson, President of the New York Knicks

HOME Lea Allanigue The Catalyst

With many projects on the go, it’s important to have someone sitting above the fray to make sure nothing gets missed. That’s Lea, an organisational genius with an eye on every detail.

“You and your team are a godsend! Thank you so much for your amazing work, it is such a joy to work with you, and I look forward to our continuing projects!”
— Jess Hartono, Managing Director, Rebel Entrepreneurs, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

HOME Nicholas Dogulin Founder

Nicholas started his first internet business even before studying for his Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology, Information Systems at the University of Sydney.

Since then he’s combined his knowledge of business and the world online to advise businesses of all kinds on how to turn their websites into lead generation machines.

Dogulin Digital reflects Nicholas’s commitment to bringing integrity to an industry where it’s much needed, which is why he insists on backing the company’s work with a 100% money-back guarantee.

“Nicholas’s search engine optimisation prowess is exceptional, and he produced immediate results for our firm.”
— Colin Revelman, Lawyer Principal

HOME Tarik Causevic The Mechanic

Sometimes it’s what you don’t see--the stuff under the surface of a website--that is make or break in a Google ranking or the ability to turn a website visitor into a customer. Tarik is the mechanic who leads the team making sure your website is firing on all cylinders.

“The team at Dogulin Digital are absolute experts when it comes to all things SEO and content. The results have been clearly evident in a short time.”
— Stuart Mitchell, Senior Digital Lead, Medtronic, Sydney

HOME Lindze Brock

The daughter of an entrepreneur and a fire-fighter, Linze was born to bring a particular breed of tenacity to business.

Her time in LA working for celebrities like Kristin Chenoweth, Kristin Davis and Jennifer Love Hewitt honed her talent for spotting trends. You will never be behind the curve with Lindze on your project.

HOME Emma Morgan Creative-Project Manager

Creative thinkers with organisational skills were previously thought to be mythical creatures. Then we met Emma, who runs the Business Designer. We knew we had to partner with her to manage our projects.

Emma also runs our discovery sessions, so you’ll be able to see for yourself what happens when you take a designer and give her project management powers. You’ll be amazed.